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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

From the North Pacific comes this US territory island paradise of Guam with its gorgeous beaches and tropical sands. Equally gorgeous is this year’s stylish haute-couture Diva.

Miss Guam wears a sexy strapless evening gown of stunning watercolor print chiffon in complimenting shades of cranberry, cocoa, wine, red, café au lait, white, and soft pink.

Body of gown has been absolutely smothered in meticulously hand-sewn beadwork playing off each color of gown’s rich silk in various tiny seed beads and sequins.

A deconstructed hand-sewn rose of deep wine crystalline chiffon adorns right chest with a center of vintage ruby cabochon.

A very sexy flounce mermaid skirt with a front slit in rich shimmering cranberry satin finishes off the gown.

Skirt has been adorned with trailing rows of hand-sewn wine fabric flowers and hand-sewn ruffles made from gown’s silk chiffon.

Fabric flowers have been adorned with matching centers of hand-sewn sequins and seed beads.

Also, rows of vintage shimmering cranberry cabochons adorn the trails as well.

Shoulder dusters of white rings and ruby rhinestones feature studs of deep Siam Swarovski crystal rhinestones. A burnished silver bracelet of wrapped chain complements the gowns.

Eye Color: Amber / Lip Color: Deep Wine

Black hair, partially braided is worn in a high elegant pile-up adorned with fabric roses in deep red

Doll Formerly: “Chinese New Year Barbie”.

Miss Guam 2006

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