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In Addition to Facial Makover, Rooted Lashes, Pantyhose, Lined Ensemble, This Delegate Features:

Gown in embroidered lace with a peacock pattern.

Asymmetrical bodice with one sleeve has been covered in over 600 Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

A cinched two-tone taffets belt gives way to a full skirt in same peacock themed embroidered lace. 

Belt adorned with a burnished gold and Swarovski crystal rhinestone charm complete with Swarovski hand-beaded fringe coming off center.

Skirt has been covered in well over 1500 genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones. 

Jewelry in Swarovski and burnished gold charmese and beads.

Hair has been custom re-rooted.

Custom decorated shoes.
Eye Color: Copper / Lip Color: Deep Berry
Doll formerly:  “Barbie Basics 001 - Model #11”

Miss Guyana 2017/18

SKU: IPC1718085
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