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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes - This Delegate Features:

From the town where dreams come true comes the picture of Hollywood Royalty ready to snag the crown.

Miss Hollywood commands attention in her watercolor strapless evening gown in shades of browns, grays and cream.

Entire gown has been smothered from head to toe in painstakingly hand-sewn beadwork of crystal transparent seed beads which have been added without seed beads creating a super sheened finish.

Adding further decadence to this lovely ensemble is a dramatic and opulent evening cape in nude organza that flows around gown and is slit at one side.

Cape features an opening for her hand on left side which has been beautifully bordered with sparkling genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones as well as bronze matte metallic and white nail heads.

Entire edge of this lush cape has been finished in luxurious genuine mink fur.

Where fur meets cape, scatterings of genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones and bronze and white nails heads have been generously added.

Cape features a turtleneck collar which has been covered in dazzling Swarovski crystal rhinestones in pave style.

Drop earrings in Swarovski crystal rounds and rhinestone studs.

Left wrist is adorned with a rich genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone chain bracelet.

Eye Color: Purple / Lip Color: Frosted metallic cinnamon

Unusual light brown hair has been custom heat permed and worn in small compact curls – retro style.

Doll Formerly: “Birthstone Beauty”

Miss Hollywood 2011

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