In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From exotic and mysterious India comes this stunning contestant in a very special gown designed from imported Indian silk given to us by Pratima Yarlagadda, Miss Indiana USA 1999

Strapless ball gown of exquisite imported Indian metallic silk in deep plum features genuine 24K gold threading throughout!

Bodice has been covered in a beautiful hand sewn pattern of plum seed beads thistle flowers, spring green bugle beads and genuine Czech crystal beads all on a background of 24K gold threading

Drop waist features a pleated cummerbund of same 24K gold silk

Attached to center of cummerbund is Miss India’s dramatic cape/wrap of golden sparkle knit edged in imported plum and 24K gold Indian metallic silk. Wrap stretches across back of gown and gathers in left arm

Where sparkle knit attaches to cummerbund, a hand sewn adornment of golden florets, Czech crystal pale amethyst beads and spring green bugle beads have been sewn

Ball skirt of plum imported Indian metallic silk complete with 24K gold threading features a border of 24K gold silk which has been adorned with a painstakingly hand sewn repetitive floral pattern of spring green bugle beads, Czech spring green crystal beads and plum thistle seed bead flowers

Upper edge of golden border finished in a row of rich iridescent and burnished gold ribbon

Lower edge of golden border finished with delicate hand sewn looped rows of gold plated seed beads and spring green bugle beads

Nude sparkle knit body suit features cuffs and collar of unusual hand sewn beadwork using spring green bugle beads, Czech crystal beads in Spring green and pale amethyst and gold plated seed beads

Body suit is further enhanced with dainty clusters of hand sewn pale plum flower clusters

Drop earrings of genuine Czech crystal beads in spring green, pale sage crystal cut beads, golden florets and genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone rondelles

Eye Catching headdress of 5 large avocado rhinestones, pale sage crystal cut teardrop beads and sage crystal cut glass and gold chain

Eye Color: Spring Green

Black hair has been twisted into elegant pile up

Doll Formerly: "Hispanic Teacher Barbie"

Miss India 1998