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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes - This Delegate Features:

In the North Pacific Ocean lies this group of islands overseen by the United States. Hailing from this tropical paradise comes this Oceanic beauty in gown that celebrates both her gorgeous waters and starry brilliant evening skies.

Miss F.S.M. wears an absolutely artistic gown in dense black velvet that has been covered in painstakingly hand sewn beadwork of imported Indian metallic squares. Main colors used are sapphire blue and silver with highlights on turquoise and gold. Patches of this beadwork are broken up by pathways of the dense black velvet – STUNNING!

A futuristic collar of mixed sapphire blue lame and silver lame is asymmetrical in design.

Spike earrings and beaded bracelet (bracelet not shown) in genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones in sapphire and crystal bugles. Necklace of genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone in Sapphire made expressly for NiniMomo.

A genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone headband made expressly for NiniMomo in Sapphire and Clear adds the perfect touches.

Eye Color: Azure / Lip Color: Bright Red

Black hair is worn in a curled pile up

Doll Formerly: “Wedgewood Barbie”

Miss Micronesia 2001 (NPC)

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