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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From just off the coast of India in the Northern Indian Ocean comes this grouping of over 1100 coral islands known as the Maldive paradise.

Our Miss Maldives shows just a little bit of paradise with her gorgeous black, silver and white two piece gown that begins with a rich black satin hip hugging skirt smothered in hand sewn beadwork that incorporates silver and black flower sequins beneath white and frosted florets in large, small and various shapes. Along with these florets, scatterings of hand sewn silver ball beads have been added. Various large florets have also been adorned with stems of crystal clear hand sewn seed beads. Florets are all centered with various sizes of pearl beads – STUNNING!

Low waist features a decorative belt of shimmering silver threading that has been hand sewn with white florets with pearl centers and vertical rows of hand sewn mixed black, silver ball beads and clear seed beads.

Coming off left side of skirt is a plume of simmering jet black beaded bugle fringe capped off with a large Chinese black satin rose.

A bandeau top of rich silver filigree ribbon has been overlaid on black satin and adorned with meticulous hand sewn beadwork of vertical rows of black seed beads and scatterings of white florets and silver ball beads.

A jaw dropping white sheer chiffon veil features a headdress of elaborately beaded material in white and black complete with 5 brilliant crystal rhinestones

Drop earrings and dual chokers of pearls, silver ball beads and imported Indian silver metal charms. A binthi  of genuine Swarovski crystal adorns forehead while a Jet black Czech crystal is her belly jewel. 7 metal bangles adorn either wrist

Eye Color: Gold / Lip Color: Brick

Black hair is worn partially back and long with strands framing face

Doll Formerly: “Mayan Princess”

Miss Maldives 2000

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