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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes - This Delegate Features:

From the Great Lakes State comes this very haute couture diva in taupish gray satin with orchid iridescent highlights

Strapless gown in taupish gray satin features a bodice completely covered to hips in iridescent aurora borealis sequins with matching iridescent seed bead centers

Top of bodice edged with a delicate hand sewn filigree pattern incorporating light blue, iridescent violet and gold seed beads as well as genuine Czech crystal beads in pale violet and blue

Lower edge of bodice at hips has been finished with an unusual hand sewn beaded fringe using same beads as in top edge

Hem of skirt has been enhanced with vertical lines of hand sewn iridescent orchid A/B sequins throughout

A dramatic bustle train of gown’s material has been lined in a shimmering orchid lame.

Drop dead gorgeous bustle features two layers of ruffled taupish gray satin underneath a field of 26 individually hand sewn lame rosettes in lames of gold, silver, gunmetal, orchid and sky blue - STUNNING!~

Orchid evening gloves

Drop and cluster earrings of Swarovski crystal rhinestone A/B sequins and orchid and pale blue seed beads. Fringe necklace created especially for NiniMomo by Tiara Enterprises in genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone Light Amethyst stone.

Eye Color: Orchid Lip Color: Lilac

Blonde hair streaked with light brown worn in a regal braided bun

Doll Formerly: "Generation Girl"


Miss Michigan 1999

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