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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Lashes, Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

The Show-Me-State shows NiniMomo’s customers one of our most spectacular delegates to date in a dramatic, funky and dazzling ensemble!

A simple strapless sheath gown of an unusual taffeta which is mixed shade of plum and fuchsia with shimmering undertones of café au lait.

Gown has been encrusted with a funky pattern of coils created via hand sewn beadwork of café au lait iridescent seed beads which have undertones of gown’s pinkish hues

Bordering these coils are hand sewn scatterings of fuchsia seed beads. Remainder of gown has been smothered with hand sewn clusters of seed beads in gown’s unusual shade with iridescent highlights.

A very dramatic haute couture bustle train begins with a spherical bow of plum taffeta which gives way to a top panel of café au lait satin lined in gown’s rich taffeta.

Underneath this mid panel is a lush, sprawling train of gown’s taffeta lined in plum taffeta – the color combinations on this ensemble are AMAZING!

A collar of taffeta has been absolutely covered in painstakingly hand sewn free standing fringe of café au lait iridescent seed beads with fuchsia seed beads tips. Strands vary in length creating a beautiful texture.

Plum evening gloves and custom studded shoes.

Drop cluster earrings of ecru glass ball beads, genuine Czech plum crystal beads and seed beads. Matching mini glass ball bead bracelet in ecru.

Eye Color: Brownish Mauve/ Lip Color: Nude iridescent

Black micro braided hair has been worn in a new NiniMomo style of gathered and pressed hair which has been wrapped in lengths of plum/mauve satin ribbon. Ribbons gather at back framing this haute couture beauty fantastically!

Doll Formerly: “Brandy”

Miss Missouri 2000

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