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In Addition to Facial Make Over, Rooted Lashes,  Lined Gown, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

NiniMomo's fuchsia steampunk begins with a long sleeve pale pink textured 100% silk chiffon blouse

Silk blouse features mesh lace and metallic cuffs

Genuine leather and suede corset and back strap complete with "boning" and punched rivet and lace up back

100% silk taffeta cage skirt composed of strips of taffeta has been overlaid upon 100% silk chiffon puffed short skirt

Cage has been decorated with matching metallic nailheads and tipped off with the tiniest of mixed gears, hands, and nailheads

Pale pink silk taffeta belt with gold buckle holds several custom painted packs and her Steampunk

decorated Elliott Light dragoon pistol and custom holster

Genuine suede gauntlets complete with lace up rivets features Steampunk contraptions

Custom painted "air tank" dangles around her neck

Quintessential gold chain pocketwatch

Silk taffeta bola with machine gears and coggles

Custom made steampunk hat in genuine Suede and leather decorated extensively

Hat holds custom Steampunk goggles

Pale pink knee highs

Swarovski and gear jewelry

Gold and pink unique lace up heels

Doll Formerly: "France 2009"

Miss Nashville

SKU: 041
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