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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

Representing the vast amount of Native American Indian tribes throughout the United States collectively comes this absolutely gorgeous representative proudly wearing her stunning evening ensemble.
Miss N.A.C. wears a three piece evening gown that begins with a crisscross halter top in cocoa microsuede  that features a high neck covered in rich feathers and a hand-sewn row of patterned beadwork in shades of orange, turquoise, red, root beer, white and yellow.

Lower edge of halter top also finished in same intricately patterned beadwork in a mix of tiny seed beads.

A skim fitting, hip-hugging skirt of same embroidered cocoa micro suede features colorful hand-sewn beadwork throughout in bands of color: at waist, at knees, and hem in shades of orange, yellow turquoise, cocoa, root beer, red and white.

Band at waist mirrors band on halter top complete with hand-sewn lattice fringe in root beer with red tips.

At knees, a diamond pattern of hand-sewn sequins in yellow, cocoa, brown and turquoise sequins have been outlined in orange seed beads.

Below this band, a row of hand-sewn red sequins with matching centers have been added. Row has been edged at top and bottom with hand-sewn rows of lattice patterned root beer seed beads.

Hem of skirt has been finished in a wide band of embroidered shimmering chenille accented with scattered hand-sewn seed beads in multiple shades.

A stunning wrap of same embroidered microsuede richly lined in a turquoise satin has been adorned with intricate hand-sewn beadwork which matches beadwork along skirt.

Wrap has been edged with a row of black beaded fringe.

Finally, a headband of microsuede edged with delicate hand-sewn beadwork features a plume of rich feathers anchored with hand-sewn sequins.

Drop earrings of beads, genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone studs and silver feathers.

Eye Color: Violet / Lip Color: Cinnamon

Dark brown hair has been parted down middle and worn in braids wrapped with chenille watercolor ribbon.

Doll Formerly: “On Location: Monte Carlo”

Miss Native American Community 2006

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