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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Lashes, Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

Miss Nevada , in true Vegas style, commands attention on that pageant stage in a dazzling gown of smothered sequins and seed beads in classic jewel tones.

Sweet heart gown in jewel tone purple organza has been completely covered from head to toe with painstakingly hand sewn meticulous beadwork that NiniMomo is known for! Pattern consists of slightly curved bands of color that alternate in jewel tones from deep sapphire to deep fuchsia to deep pine to deep purple. Each band consists of two meticulous rows of hand sewn sequins in one the above mentioned colors. Each sequin has been further enhanced with a layering of tiny gold metallic micro sequins and each sequin features a matching seed bead center – SMASHING!

Shoulders have been enhanced via a band of organza that ends in a “V” shaped at lower back of gown. Band has been smothered with hand sewn gold sequins with matching seed bead centers.

Coming off these bands are dramatic Vegas style sleeves of purple plumes consisting entirely of lush ostrich feathers!

Matching jewelry of drop earrings, dual necklaces and bead bracelet of fuchsia beads, sapphire blue ball beads, 24K gold washed florets and gold ball beads.

Eye Color: Amethyst/ Lip Color: Deep Garnet

Honey blonde hair is worn in a partial pile up adorned with accents of layered sequins matching that of gown’s with gold ball bead centers. Coming off this partial pile up is a very long ponytail that has been wrapped in thin gold threading

Doll Formerly: “Russian Barbie”

Miss Nevada 2000

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