In Addition to Facial Makover, Rooted Lashes, Lined Ensemble, This Delegate Features:

This Steampunk Beauty represents the state of New Jersey home to one of the world's largest Steampunk Conventions. 

Miss New Jersey's ensemble begins with a Victorian themed pleated and puckered blouse featuring puffed sleeves, flared cuffs and dual layer ruff.

A cameo sits at center of neck.

Sleeveless shrug in silk satin has been edged throughout in nailheads.

A multi fabric corset features a lace up, grommet closure at back with gold metallic ribbon tie.

Corset has been adorned in outlines of nailheads while center front has been decorated in various cogs, gears and other watch parts.

Left forearm has been fashioned with a Steampunk apparatus on a faux metallic leather gauntlet.

Apparatus consists of multiple pieces including cogs, gears, and nailheads.

Short striped apron at front is pleated and finished in crescent nailheads, cogs, gears, watch parts and is edged in lace.

White taffeta shorts worn beneath.

Coming off both sides of apron are a set of skeleton keys on a "brass" ring and a burnished gold pocketwatch on matching chain.

Overskirt in same striped fabric is also finished in crescent nailheads, cogs, gears, watch parts and is edged in lace.

Tulle underskirt.

Thigh high stockings edged in lace have also been adorned with nailheads.

Custom made top hat in brocade features gold metallic ribbon and edged in nailheads.

Hat has also been adorned with Steampunk accoutrements.

Miss New Jersey wears shades and carries a nautical telescope.

Gold stud earrings.

Specialty heels adorned in gears, and watch charms.

Eye Color: Green / Lip Color: Light Pink

Doll Formerly:   "SLC Fire and Ice"

Miss New Jersey 2021

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