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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From one of the most beautiful nations in the world, famed for its scenic beauty, comes this equally beautiful representative suitably exotic with her Maori heritage.

A strapless gown of an absolutely stunning and rich paisley patterned jacquard in shades of black, ecru and antique gold metallic threading creates the prefect canvas for NiniMomo’s gorgeous hand sewn beadwork.

Gown’s pattern has been decorated from head to toe in several hand beaded colors: deep garnet, mauve and pine make up the paisleys throughout the pattern while super thin antique gold and burnished gold metallic bugle beads outline the pattern. Accents of sapphire blue crystal seed beads and rich amber seed beads add extra color adding to the jewel tone theme of this masterpiece!

Top bodice has been adorned with a gathered panel of sapphire blue chiffon which wraps around to back where it branches off into two airy panels of chiffon that gather in either arm.

A cluster of hand sewn Chinese satin roses adorn upper right chest in garnet, sapphire and gold lame.

Gold evening gloves

Jewelry set in clear and amber Swarovski crystal rhinestones make up the choker, pear drop earrings and bracelet made expressly for NiniMomo.

Eye Color: Sapphire / Li p Color: Garnet

Black hair has been custom curled and worn in a NiniMomo favorite empire style with cascading and piled locks framing face with a headband of imported Indian golden filigree and pearl trim.
Doll Formerly: "Northwest Coast Native American"

Miss New Zealand 2000

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