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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes - This Delegate Features:

From the old honeymoon capitol of the world, gorgeous Niagara Falls on the New York Canadian Border comes this fantasy Diva in an evening gown inspired by the fantasy designer himself, Galliano for Dior from the 2004 Spring couture collection.

Miss Niagara Falls is a princess in her intricate evening gown of 100% silk white charmeuse which features a high neck, long sleeves and form-fitting shape to thighs.

Collar of the gown has been gorgeously bedecked in intricate hand-sewn beadwork of mixed crystal and turquoise seed beads creating a play on an Egyptian neckpiece.

Body of gown has been gorgeously enhanced with hand-sewn beadwork of same mixed crystal and turquoise seed beads playing off a floral and vine pattern complete with a pyramid shape at center chest.

Sleeves too have been painstakingly covered in intricate hand-sewn patterning of beadwork matching gown.

At thighs, gown bellows out into mermaid flounce of connected 100% silk taffeta which has been watercolor dyed in a blended café au lait shade.

This puffed flounce has been covered in delicate tulle and then ruched throughout creating a cutting edge play on texture.

Coming off back of gown is a long, dramatic draping panel of same 100% silk white charmeuse depicting the waterfalls itself

White charmeuse has been covered with same delicate tulle and ruched along lower portion.

Hair has been adorned with two filigree silver crescents that have been smothered in genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones playing off colors of gown.

Decadent genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone balls, silver etched genuine sterling silver ball beads and Swarovski rhinestone studs make up the earrings.

Eye Color: Amber / Lip Color: Pink

Strawberry blonde hair has been custom heat permed and worn in a high dramatic curled pileup

Doll Formerly: “Princess and the Pea”

Miss Niagara Falls 2011

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