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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

Expressly made for the 2012 Italian Barbie Convention this May, NiniMomo has created their version of “Barbie as Mother Nature”, to suit this year’s theme of “Barbie Goes Green”.

The lucky high bidder for this gorgeous Delegate had the option of choosing where she should represent and North Carolina it is!

Miss North Carolina is the picture of what we think Mother Nature would be, IF Mother Nature was Barbie!

She begins with a strapless gown of nude chiffon overlaid upon nude organza and it form-fitting through body and flairs out tremendously at bottom.

The dramatically flared hem has been finished unevenly as to keep with a natural feel, less sculpted.

The dramatic hem has been designed to depict the forest floor via three shades of green organza which have each been created in dozens upon dozens of deconstructed rolled strips resembling rosettes.

Each deconstructed cluster has been individually hand-sewn onto the hem of gown blending gorgeously.

Prior to laying out “the forest floor” wide vine trails have been created, winding up the gown from the hem in inverted kiwi colored hand-sewn sequins.

Vines thin out as they travel up the gown, finally ending at bodice.

Along with these wider hand-sewn sequined vines, hand-sewn thinner curled vines of leaf green bugle chips have been added throughout hem, traveling up gown and ending at bodice as well.

Now, back to the hem of gown, once each of these deconstructed “grass rosettes” were individually hand-sewn onto hem, small fabric flowers, both open and budding were hand-sewn throughout our forest floor in shades of orange, pink, purple and green.

To add further texture and dimension to this lush hem, custom made “spikes” of hand-sewn wired stems have been added throughout in green bugle chips.

These free-standing stems feature flowers to match those already on gown as well as many custom heat cut leaf clusters.

Custom tiny heat cut organza flowers have been created and each has been individually hand-sewn throughout hem, and then trailing up the gown, finally ending at bodice edge.

Miss North Carolina also dons elegant nude gauntlets which have been richly hand-beaded with spirals and trails of vines in leaf green bugle chips.

Add to the ethereal feel of Mother Nature, each gauntlet has been painstakingly bedecked with dozens of hand-beaded vine fringe in leaf green bugle chips which shimmer, sparkle and billow freely.

In addition, curled trails of custom heat cur organza in three shades have also been hand-sewn onto gauntlets adding further texture and dimension.

Custom wired trails of leaf green bugle chips adorn Miss North Carolina's hair, complete with hand-sewn fabric flowers and custom heat cut organza leaves.

She also features custom created tattoos on her face and along her decoupage in tiny hand-painted trails of vines which have been further accented with sparkling, miniscule, genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Shimmering purple rosette earrings bedeck ears and a matching shimmering rosette in green is worn as a ring on her left hand.

Eye Color: Olive / Lip Color: Nude

Brown hair has been custom heat permed and worn in a full, high pileup of cascading curls.

Doll Formerly: “Barbie as Mona Lisa”

Miss North Carolina 2012

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