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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From exotic and mysterious Pakistan comes this breathtaking delegate in a gown inspired by Miss India 1997,  the late Nafisa Joseph.

Long sleeve gown in deep rust satin features a slightly flared hem and an encrusted bodice and sleeves

Bodice and sleeves have been beautifully decorated with a hand sewn pattern of beadwork known as "Zardosi." Materials consist of crystal seed beads and genuine Czech crystal beads - classy!

Adorning hip area of gown is an unusual drop waist "cummerbund" of gown’s satin which wraps around hips and drops to the floor with a cascading pleated panel of satin.

Edge of pleated panel has also been designed with the Zardosi beadwork, hand sewn of course

Hem of gown has been finished in a matte silver filigree and baby sequin trim accentuated with a row of hand sewn Swarovski crystal rhinestone sequin.

Accompanying the gown is a matching rust crystalline chiffon sleeveless evening coat featuring two layers of oversized collar

Both layers have been edged with hand sewn rows of crystal seed bead clusters enabling the layers to ripple. Top layer has been attached to back of head to frame face

Drop earrings exclusively made for NiniMomo in Swarovski crystal rhinestone is complemented by a brilliant headdress of Swarovski crystal rhinestones; a tiara complete with fringe rhinestones - a princess she is!

Eye Color: Emerald Lip Color: Copper

Black hair has been partially braided and worn in a high pile up

Doll Formerly: "Nina - Generation Girl"

Miss Pakistan 1999

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