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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From the western portion of the Iberian peninsula, renowned for its exploration, Portugal, sends this steamy delegate in what is the first of our replica Miss USA gowns, this one of Sarah Bettencourt, Miss Rhode Island USA 2004!

Miss Portugal wears a stunner of a gown, truly haute-couture, in a copy of Aruban designer, Edgar Kock’s tangerine number worn by Sarah Bettencourt, Miss Rhode Island USA 2004 at last month’s Miss USA pageant in Hollywood.

NiniMomo has decided to recreate this masterpiece in ocean shades beginning with skirting of thin panels of lime crepe which have been meticulously sewn together.

In between each panel of crepe, double scalloped panels of 100% watercolor silk chiffon has been sewn in creating a flamenco style ruffle design all along hem of flared skirt. Watercolor chiffon is finished in glorious shades of ocean colors complete with hints of lime to carry over crepe skirting.

Skirt has been adorned with scattered hand-sewn beadwork in shades of ocean colors.

Two pleated panels of same watercolor silk chiffon drape vertically across either breast at chest and is overlaid upon a nude mesh sheer bodice which features an open back.

Bodice has been bedecked with delicate hand-sewn beadwork in a multitude of ocean color seed beads, heaviest along waist and upper edge of bodice.

Upper hand beaded edge of bodice continues to hand-beaded double straps which go over shoulder and across back.

Coming off either side of gown are two sheer, flowing panels of same magnificent, watercolor silk chiffon which gathers in either wrist via invisible threaded loops. Upper edges of chiffon have been hand-beaded with ocean color seed beads.

Earrings of genuine Swarovski crystal bi-cone beads in deep turquoise, Olivine and Teal blue. Deep Teal beaded bracelet.

Eye Color: Turquoise / Lip Color: Deep Mauve

Brown hair is worn in a high elegant twisted evening bun wrapped with hair.

Doll Formerly: “Really Rosey Barbie”

Miss Portugal 03/04

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