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In Addition to Facial Makover, Rooted Lashes, Pantyhose, Lined Ensemble, This Delegate Features:

Ensemble begins with a fuchsia metallic bodysuit worn beneath a sleeveless sheer gown in 100% silk chiffon. 

Gown covered in rows of Swarovski crystal rhinestones, metallic starbursts and glass diamonds.

Matching coat in same silk chiffon also covered in rows of Swarovski, glass and metal charm.

Collar and arms of coat covered in Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Gold faux leather and chain belt features dangling Swarovski encrusted charms and glass ball beads.

Gold medallion on gold chain decorated in Swarovski crystal rhinestone.

Gold chain and rhinestone headdress.

Hands decorated in Swarovski crystal rhinestones and nailheads.

Gold bracelets decorated in Swarovski along with beaded bracelets and matching drop earrings.

Shoes have been custom decorated.

Eye Color: Chesnut / Lip Color: Violet
Doll formerly:  “”

Miss Saudi Arabia 2017/18

SKU: IPC1718090
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