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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

From the republic of 115 islands scattered off the African coast in the Western Indian Ocean comes a most unusual and striking couture beauty in an evening ensemble that is inspired by the marriage of two Gaultier designs.
Miss Seychelles is truly a stunner in her evening gown that begins with strapless bodice of sheer, nude organza which has been exotically decorated with an authentic seashell bra.

Seashells have been brushed with iridescent paint and powder giving them a shimmering effect.

Bodice is intricate with its design beginning with a silver metallic filigree center which has been custom painted in iridescent white.

Filigree has been smothered in genuine Swarovski crystal tiny rhinestones in shades of white opal and mint alabaster and peach.

Beneath clamshells and at waist, thin piped bands of 100% silk taffeta in sea foam have been hand-sewn in swirls creating a lovely border.

Hand-sewn beadwork of mixed iridescent clear seed beads and tiny pearl beads surround shells and are also bedecked along scalloped lace waist.

In addition cabochons in pink faux stone adorn waist area where scalloped lace and genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones in pacific opal have been added.

Bodice has also been dramatically adorned with 5 vertical rows of diamond shaped exquisite genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones in shimmering aurora borealis.

These rows have been further enhanced with genuine tiny Swarovski crystal rhinestones air blue opal surrounding Swarovski diamond shapes.

This completely opulent bodice gives way to a blush pink 100% silk taffeta slim skirt that ends just below the knees and is taken over to the floor in a shimmering, sheer blush organza which features a fringed deconstructed hem.

Entire silk portion of skirt has been painstakingly and dramatically enhanced via hand-sewn beadwork of iridescent and translucent pink sequins meticulously hand-sewn in a fish scale pattern.

Organza hem has been gorgeously enhanced as well with hand-sewn spirals of clear seed beads accented with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones in mint alabaster and peach.

In addition, scattered hand-sewn pearl beads and lush vintage iridescent cabochons have also been added to this organza skirt.

Miss Seychelles carries a unique and exquisite evening bag of silver lame lace which has been overlaid with crescent shaped silver metallic filigree.

Crescent shaped bag features a silver metallic closure decorated with custom iridescent painted tiny hand-sewn sea shells, seed beads and pearl beads.

Both from and back of bag have been gorgeously smothered with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones matching subtle pastels of gown including unusual aurora borealis diamond shaped Swarovski rhinestones.

Finally tiered lengths of shimmering silver chain dangle from bottom of bag matching the silver chain handle.

Arms have been delicately painted with seaweed vining up arms in iridescent paint and have been bedecked with shimmering tiny genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone sequins.

Entire chest and arms of Miss Seychelles have been subtly brushed with an iridescent sheet powder paint giving her truly the feel of a mermaid.

Four tiered necklaces in genuine Swarovski crystal bicones and pearl beads adorn her neck.

Pearl rings are worn on either hand and drop earrings of mixed genuine Swarovski crystal bicones, rhinestone and square fiber optic beads are her choice of earrings.

Hair has been also decorated to give Miss Seychelles an underwater feel in dual sized iridescent clear ball beads which have been hand-sewn throughout hair.

Eye Color: Mint Green / Lip Color: Antique Rose

Dark brown hair has been custom spiral permed and worn long and lush

Doll Formerly: “Sumatra Barbie”

Miss Seychelles 2010

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