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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From the stunning land of Spain with its antiquities and rich culture comes this stunning senorita in an absolutely stunning haute-couture creation from acclaimed designer Zuhair Murad which mixes both period and contemporary in an eye-catching masterpiece.

Miss Spain wears an extraordinary evening ensemble that begins with a sexy, nude halter top which has been gloriously encrusted with hand-sewn beadwork in a rich filigree pattern of tiny apple green seed beads with citrine and crystal accents.

Bodice is worn to hips where it attaches to a short overskirt unusually pleated/ruched at hips in imported Malaysian 100% silk brocade in subtle shades of grays and silvers.

Skirt, lined in gunmetal taffeta gives way to two lush tiered layers of imported Indian metallic silk, in gunmetal and apple green, each textured richly in vertical pleats.  

Skirt also features a multi layered thick tulle black mini-petticoat

A decadent evening coat, also in skirt’s rich 100% silk brocade is lined in a soft baby pink satin and features an exaggerated collar also in same baby pink satin.

Coat features three quarter sleeves and cuffs of baby pink satin complete with ruffled Indian metallic apple green sleeves beneath.

Stunning matching boots of same 100% silk brocade in grays and silvers feature “snaps” down middle of hand-sewn tiny gunmetal seed beads.

Unusual cluster earrings imported from Japan in a rich matte silver vining flower.

Eye Color: Cumin / Lip Color: Dusty Rose

Black hair is worn in an unusual haute couture style of a braided pile-up wrapped in tiny braids. Hair is also adorned with tiny silver filigree florets at back.

Doll Formerly: “Chinese New Year Barbie”


Miss Spain 05/06

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