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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

From the headstreams of the Blue and White Nile comes this absolute Nubian goddess from the largest country on the African Continent. Will she be NiniMomo’s second Doll of the World from this continent? We’ll see…

A very unusual and sexy gown composed of an alligator print semi sheer stretch knot in shades of burnished gold and brown. Gown features a flared hem and an asymmetrical one sleeve style which cuts across chest revealing one breast.

Breast is covered with a thin halter strap of mauvy violet silk satin.

Beadwork on this gown is unparalleled: Beginning from let shoulder mixed lengths of hand sewn vertical free standing fringe adorn this doll in a fima style designer seed bead in which the base color is a mauvy violet. Seed beads in orchid and other matching shades have been incorporated as well. Much of this hand sewn fringe has been capped off with micro gold sequins. This fringe style continues from shoulder, down front bodice of gown and waist begins to shorten in fringe length. Beadwork continues around back of gown. At left hip a patch begins again of this exquisite fringe beadwork.

Hem of gown is AMAZING!!!!!!! Short fringe gowns into larger fringe from one end of hem to the other. Left side features extra long fringe. Beadwork continues around entire hem adding an amazing weight to this gown letting it drape perfectly! We love every doll we create but once in a while one comes along that we consider “the bomb” – this is a prime example.

Sleeve as well features this remarkable hand sewn fringe at its flared cuff.

Remainder of gown is speckled with a scattering of hand sewn seed beads and micro gold sequins with mixed centers

Upper arm band of mauvy violet silk satin encrusted with genuine tiger’s eye semi precious chips.

Drop cluster earrings of tiger’s eye style glass beads and seed beads. Stunning choker and bracelet of mixed semi precious stone chips.

Eye Color: Azure/Lip Color: Orchid

Black hair in super curly extra long style adorned with a spiked crown of mixed mauve glass ball beads and semi precious tiger’s eye stone chips.

Doll Formerly: “Pet Show Christie”


Miss Sudan 1999

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