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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Eyelashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate Features:

Our final Middle Eastern entry in the 1999 IPC Collection if NOT to be overlooked in this first from NiniMomo harem ensemble!

Harem style evening ensemble begins with a halter strap crop top of our finest material - Oscar de la Renta’s hand woven silk lame brocade in burnished gold with jewel tone highlights. Top has been accented with hand sewn tiny ruby sequins as well as scatterings of amethyst, sapphire and turquoise seed bead clusters. Scoop neck of halter has been finished in a delicate hand sewn fringed style of tiny amethyst and gold seed beads.

Lower edge of crop top finished in a bold hand sewn fringe of diamond shaped beadwork composed of two turquoise bugles, a sapphire and gold seed beads.

One again, NiniMomo has brought pants into the evening ensemble arena, this time with genie pants of deep turquoise chiffon with a waistband and ankle cuffs of rich imported jewel tone and gold lame Florentine print ribbon. Leg cuffs and waistband have been gorgeously accented with hand sewn beadwork accentuating ribbon’s rich colors. Lower edge of waistband has been accented with same bold hand sewn fringe of diamond shaped beadwork composed of two turquoise bugles, a sapphire and gold seed beads.

Underneath these sheer, sexy chiffon genie pants is a cute pair of deep amethyst hot pants

An harem style evening coat with billowy sleeves in deepest amethyst sheer cationic chiffon also feature arm bands of same rich Florentine ribbon also accentuated via hand sewn beadwork throughout

A drop dead gorgeous headdress begins with a spherical "halo" of Oscar de la Renta’s rich hand woven silk lame in burnished gold which has been adorned on both sides with hand sewn tiny ruby sequins and amethyst and sapphire seed beads. Edge of halo has been dramatically finished in amethyst and gold seed bead fringe clusters. Gold chain and an exotic tiara of golden ornaments frame Miss Syria’s stunning Steffie face e perfectly. Her hair has been speckled with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone sequins in deepest garnet and deep turquoise.

Coming off back of halo are three flowing panels of sheer chiffon: ruby surrounded by turquoise framing her gorgeously. Where halo meets chiffon, dual rows of turquoise hand sewn florets have been added

Custom studded strap shoes

Drop earrings of golden filigree charms and matching necklace on gold chain features filigree charm accented with a ruby rhinestone.

Eye Color: Chestnut Lip Color: Garnet

Brown hair has been slicked back

Doll formerly: "Oshogatsu #2" featuring Steffie Mold"

Miss Syria 1999

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