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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

The Volunteer State, strong for their pageant delegates, sends an elegant and rich runway Diva in a gown of hand-sewn beadwork and luxurious mink.

Miss Tennessee wears an off-the-shoulder evening gown of 100% imported silk in a rich cocoa brown.

Gown’s off-the-shoulder design created via rich, deep chocolate mink fur which gathers at back.

Gown is gorgeous and unique with its added cocoa silk bows at front top bodice and hips.

These bows have been lushly hand-beaded using rows of sparkling root beer silver lined seed beads.

Coming off of each bow, from font to hips are multi tiered strands of hand-sewn beaded fringe in a variety of complementing seed bead colors as well as bugle beads.

Exaggerated hem has been enhanced via a rich row of genuine deep chocolate mink fur.

Chandelier earrings of mixed crystal cut beads and topaz rhinestones complete with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone champagne studs. Dual beaded bracelets.

Eye Color: Citrine / Lip Color: True Red

Wheat blonde hair is regally worn in a partial braided pile-up which is both ethereal as it is elegant. Remainder of hair is worn straight and unobtrusive. Back of hair is adorned with a rhinestone gold filigree bow anchored with a genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone in champagne.

Doll Formerly: “Society Girl”

Miss Tennessee 2006

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