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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes - This Delegate Features:

The Lone Star state, a pageant powerhouse, sends a couture Diva in search of the NiniMomo crown in her Tex Saverio inspired opulent evening gown.

Miss Texas hits the runway on fire with her unusual evening gown that begins with a sleeveless gown completely finished in an exquisite embroidered smoky gray imported lace with a gorgeous patterning.

Bodice has a nude collar which has been edged in hand-sewn beadwork in miniscule sequins and seed beads of gray.

Lace has been bedecked throughout with small clusters of hand-sewn beadwork in tiny iridescent sequins and seed beads adding a subtle but beautiful sparkle to gown.

Dozens upon dozens of varying sized custom dyed chiffon pale silvery gray rosettes cover gown from top to bottom beginning with the tiniest of roses which bedeck shoulders, neck, upper back and armholes.

Each of these tiny rosettes has been accented with scattered hand-sewn beadwork to match gown.

Bodice gives way to a full flowing skirt complete with train also in same open embroidered smoky gray lace.

Skirting has been covered along hip sides, down front and back, exploding into a field of custom dyed pale silvery gray chiffon rosettes in varying sizes, all of which have been accented with hand-sewn sparkling beadwork and individually hand-sewn onto gown.

Worn beneath this revealing lace gown is a strapless mini-dress of custom dyed nude 100% silk crepe.

Where nude mini dress ends, a row of hand-sewn beadwork has been added.

Flower earrings in gray rhinestone and enamel adorn ears.

Shimmering gray rhinestone chain bracelets adorn both wrists

Hair has been accented with a pale gray enameled rose.

Eye Color: Sky / Lip Color: Berry

Deep red hair is worn in an elegant evening twist.

Doll Formerly: “Scotland Barbie”

Miss Texas 2011

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