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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

On the Northern tip of the African continent separated from Italy by just a sliver of the Mediterranean comes this exotic beauty in a show stopping runway ensemble inspired by the latest from Abed Mafouz.

With one of the most stunning faces to date, Miss Tunisia is an alluring princess in her unusually constructed antique rose evening in 100% silk chiffon which begins with a bodice of exquisitely ruched and pleated silk chiffon designed in swirls.

This intricately constructed bodice focuses on texture of pleating the fabric creating lovely wave and swirl patterning throughout.

Bodice has been accented throughout with scattered hand-sewn beadwork in sequins and seed beads matching antique rose coloring of chiffon.

Bodice features a one shoulder design of ruched silk chiffon which has also been hand-beaded with sparkling accents.

A matching taffeta gauntlet on right arm has been encrusted with hand-sewn beadwork of translucent pink sequins with matching seed bead centers.

Hip, where the most exquisite of the draping and ruching occurs features a three dimensional wave ridge that has also been covered in hand-sewn beadwork and gives way to remainder of gown.

From hips, a flowing panel of gown’s silk chiffon billows out towards back and creates an overskirt and extended train.

Coming from right arm, is a faux sleeve created from gown’s silk chiffon that travels around as a veil and gathers at left hip in gorgeous ruching.

A crescent shaped taffeta band smothered in hand-sewn beadwork tops of the billowy veil.

Furthermore, the slim fitting skirt of gown, also finished in 100% silk chiffon in antique rose has been bedecked with dazzling hand-sewn beadwork of sequins and seed beads throughout.

Dramatic jewelry in silver filigree consists of long drop earrings and a collar necklace both of which have been adorned with sparkling genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone accents.  Earrings also feature genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone studs and bi-cones, while collar necklace features a hand-beaded seed bead strand “chain”.

A bracelet of wrapped silver chain has been bedecked with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Eye Color: Medium Brown / Lip Color: Frosted Antique Rose

Dark brown hair is worn short and slicked.

Doll Formerly: “Halle Berry – Die Another Day”

Miss Tunisia 2010

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