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In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose - This Delegate Features:

From the vast state of Utah, famed for its salt flats, great lake, canyons, great basin and of course the Rockies comes this very sophisticated couture delegate ready to steal the crown.

Miss Utah is radiant in her classy evening gown of imported French vintage white lace which features a high neck, long sleeves, fitted body and flared hem.

This sheer lace has been overlaid upon a strapless foundation of 100% silk crepe in blush.

Gown has been painstakingly smothered in hand-sewn scattered sequins and seed beads, all in whites and crystal.

At waist a thin belt of exquisite satin faced silk organza in white gives way to a dramatic and unusual train consisting of 5 large panels of same white 100% silk satin faced organza which fold over and meet at center back creating a gorgeous play on texture and pleating.

Hair has been gorgeously decorated with a tiara and scattered embellishments of acrylic flowers, genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones, Swarovski pearl beads, embroidered lace flowers, genuine shell chips, and fiber optic glass white beads.

Drop earrings of artist beads and genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone studs.

Aurora borealis rhinestone ring adorns left hand

Eye Color: Palest Periwinkle / Lip Color: Persimmon

Red hair is worn in a high twisted bouffant

Doll Formerly: “Zodiac Barbie”

Miss Utah 2012

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