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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Our Native American Ken wears an ensemble that begins with a 100% leather shirt and matching leather pants in a soft sand color.

Both pants and shirt have been beautifully detailed with hand-sewn patterning along side arms and side pants that run entire length in bold red, white, turquoise, yellow and Capri blue.

Ken wears a traditional breastplate custom created in hand-sewn beadwork and wire featuring bone colored seed beads and metallic gold seed beads.

Breastplate has been decorated with faux suede caramel fringe along sides, bottom and ties to neck.

Tufts of hand-sewn feathers anchored via synthetic turquoise stones beads also decorate breastplate.

Native American Ken wears faux fur boots that have been accented along upper edge in hand-beaded synthetic turquoise stone chips and seed beads.

Custom made moccasins in genuine 100% leather feature lace ups, fringe border and hand-beaded accents.

A regal headdress in genuine 100% leather features a hand-beaded headband in rich seed bead patterning.

Headdress is decorated with black and white turkey and marabou feathers all of which have been individually wrapped in red thread and anchored to headdress.

Side pieces of headdress also feature dual dangling feathers and faux fur trim wrapped in red thread.

A matching genuine leather necklace has been adorned with hand-sewn beadwork including synthetic turquoise stone chips.

A custom made tomahawk featuring a stone tip has been decorated with genuine suede, hand-sewn beaded accents and faux suede fringe.

A bow wrapped with sane colored genuine suede features hand-beaded fringe and feather accenting.

A custom made sand leather holder, richly decorated with hand-sewn beadwork and custom made feather fringe carries Native American Ken’s three arrows.

Dark brown hair worn in braids

Custom flocked eyebrows and rooted lashes

Doll Formerly: “Japanese Samurai Ken”

Native American Ken

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