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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From The Fjords Of Norway comes NiniMomo’s Folk Ken dressed in our rendition of one of the many traditional folk costumes of this beautiful Scandinavian nation.

Norway Ken wears a long sleeve cotton linen blend button down shirt with a high collar and hand-sewn buttons.

Neck of shirt has been closed with a turquoise and silver chain accent

A colorful patterned vest has been bedecked with scattered matte metallic nailheads and genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Vest features faux silver nailhead buttons and silver chain accents.

A black wool crepe traditional coat is worn featuring custom hand-ticking along cuffs with entire coat being edged in hand-sewn red yarn.

Faux silver nailhead buttons are paired with hand-stitched buttonholes.

Jacket has been lined in vest’s rich, colorful fabric and features a notched collar

Matching black wool crepe knickers have been beautifully accentuated with custom made embroidery which has been richly accented in hand-sewn beadwork.

Upper portion of pants features nailhead buttons and hand-stitched button holes.

Pant cuff's features hand-sewn ticking, embroidery and silver buckles.

Hand-made tassels hang from the cuffs of both pant legs.

Lattice patterned stockings

Shoes have been bedecked with leather bands and silver buckles.

A faux suede traditional brimmed hat accompanies the look completed with layered grosgrain ribbon.

Norway ken carries an etched horn tied to his side and a dulcimer instrument which is one of the most popular traditional instruments of Norway.

Custom flocked brows, and beard

Doll Formerly: “Texas A&M”

Norway Folk Ken

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