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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From The Fjords of Norway and land of many of the Norse Vikings comes Norwegian Ken decked out in his Viking garb.

Viking Ken kicks ass in his authentic gear that begins with a faux black bear fur tunic that has been edged along “V” neck, sleeves and hem with genuine 100% silk shantung in smoky gray.

These bands on tunic have been beautifully hand-beaded in lattice patterned sequins and seed beads in metallic silver.

Beneath his tunic is a bronze lame mesh “chain” shirt worn for protection but in Ken’s case, for style.

Coming off back off tunic is a dramatic textured crinkle silk lame in smoky gray and metallic which features a band of same 100% smoky gray silk shantung along hem.

This band on cape has also been richly hand-beaded with lattice patterned silver metallic sequins and seed beads.

Cape also features a warm faux beaver fur collar in gray and connects at neck via gold metal chain and hand-sewn decorations on each edge of fur in gold etched beads.

Forearms are wrapped in faux beaver fur tightened via crisscross straps of genuine brown suede.

Black tights are worn along with faux beaver fur boots that features genuine brown suede lace ties which crisscross up leg.

Custom made genuine brown suede shoes are worn with the beaver boots.

The quintessential Viking helmet features custom painted horns and is covered in genuine, rich, brown suede.

A band of genuine silk taffeta wraps around base of helmet and has been decorated with lattice patterned hand-sewn seed beads in silver.

Helmet has been further enhanced with silver lame bands bedecked with silver nail head studs.

At waist is a faux leather brown belt which holds Ken’s traditional and authentic faux scrimshaw leather pouch and scrimshaw leather bone knife and holder.

Viking Ken carries his traditional axe and spear creating in die-cast metal and faux detailed wood.

Beard and mustache has been custom flocked

Blonde hair is worn long and pulled slightly back

Doll Formerly: “Legolas Lord of the Rings”

Norway Viking Ken

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