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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Pure American nostalgia, the Barbershop Quartet, still exists thanks to the BHS, Barbershop Harmony Society founded in the late 1930's in Tulsa.

Celebrating that history is Oklahoma Ken, one member of a typical Barbershop Quartet.

Oklahoma Ken wears a suit that begins with a colorful silk striped coat complete with faux pockets, buttons and inside hook closures.

White satin pants.

White button down shirt complete with buttons.

Custom made suspenders and silk satin bowtie. 

Custom made "wooden" cane, "straw" hat with ribbon accent and trombone instrument.

Spectator Oxford shoes, socks and spectacles.

Electric spinning Barbershop Pole.

Wooden Barber Shop sign.

1/6 scale Barbershop chair.

Custom flocked brows and handlebar mustache.

Eye Color: Pale Blue
Doll Formerly: "Peeta Hunger Games Catching Fire"

Oklahoma Ken 2021

SKU: NKC2117
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