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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From the land of the Incas famed for its lost city as well as it’s many other wonders such as the Nasca lines and Machu Picchu comes our authentic Peruvian high priest in a resplendent costume depicting his nation’s rich history.

Peruvian Ken commands attention from all in his costume that begins with a sleeveless navy blue tunic featuring colorful ribbon “suspenders” in white and purple.

An apron in raw silk organza has been custom intricately painted and then richly hand-beaded in sequins and seed beads.

Pantaloons in same navy blue feature decadent edged in red fringe.

Peruvian high priest Ken wears a decorative cape in red suedette which has been covered on front and back in a plethora of colorful and textural ribbon, all of which have been beautifully enhanced with hand-sewn beadwork.

All along the majority of his cape, metallic gold lush fringe has been added.

He carries a small “medicine” pouch attached via a faux red leather strap

Peruvian Ken also dons a shimmer gold large pendant necklace representing the sun, a very important element for ancient Peru.

A gold genuine leather belt is worn at waist which has been bedecked on both edges with hand-sewn beadwork in matching gold and center features a vintage cabochon charm surrounded by more hand-sewn beadwork.

Ken also sports metallic gold 100% genuine leather armbands on upper arms and wrists.

Peruvian Ken’s important headdress is made in metallic gold 100% genuine leather bedecked with hand-sewn beadwork and features yet another metallic gold sun at center.

Authentic side flaps on headdress are accented with shimmering gold metallic discs and headdress is finished off with a plume of decadent feathers.

Genuine brown suede sandals have been accented with silver filigree and hand-sewn beadwork.

Peruvian Ken carries his quintessential and decadent staff which has been wrapped in a colorful array of custom made fringe tassels.

Staff is metallic gold and features a metallic gold axe top.

Sitting atop the staff is a custom made corn which is symbolic in ancient Peru.

Black hair worn long and slicked back

Doll Formerly: “Japanese Samurai Ken”

Peru High Priest Ken

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