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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From the western portion of the Iberian Peninsula, renowned for its early world exploration Portugal sends its very own “Vasco da Gama” inspired Ken, the famed Portuguese explorer.

Portugal Ken wears a traditional outfit from the days of world exploration beginning with a “chest” plate of silver lace overlaid upon silver lame which has been covered in scattered hand-sewn beadwork in silver

Worn beneath silver breastplate is a scallop edged “chainmail” shirt along with a white ruff at neck.

Alternating puffed sleeves of silk charmeuse in red and deep sapphire blue matte satin have been bordered with hand-sewn gold seed beads at every edge.

Puffed sleeves give way to a fitted forearm in blue satin complete with white lace cuff at wrist.

Pantaloons created in same alternating red silk charmeuse and sapphire blue matte satin are edged in hand-sewn gold metallic seed beads at every color change.

Portugal Ken wears a sleeveless cape in sapphire blue crushed velvet complete with high folded collar.

A brown faux leather belt with gold buckle holds Portugal Ken’s ornate gold and silver sword and sheath.

A matching sapphire blue crushed velvet tam is worn atop his head and faux leather “worn” boots are worn knee high.

Portugal Ken also carries the very essential telescope

Portugal Ken has slicked back brown hair, custom flocked beard, mustache and eyebrows

Doll Formerly: “Harley Davidson #2”

Portugal Vasco da Gama Ken

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