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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From the historic thriving civilization which centered in Rome and one of the largest empires in the ancient world comes the quintessential Roman Gladiator Ken decked out in his warrior gear.

Roman Ken wears a deep red linen tunic featuring short sleeves.

Worn atop the tunic is a metallic gold body armor that fits over Roman Ken’s chest.

Shoulder guards with and in intricate metallic finish strap on via faux leather ties and protect Ken’s shoulder.

A sueded cape in deep red crisscrosses at front top and cascades at back.

A double tiered faux leather strip skirt in brown has been bedecked with golden nailheads throughout

Knee, arm and leg guards have been intricately constructed to protect extremities and feature grommet and lattice closures which lace up at back.

All guards have been decorated with gold nailheads.

Gladiator shoes in faux leather have been custom created and feature wire lace

Roman Ken carries a decadent shield which has been covered in faux leather and has been bedecked with nailheads, frosted Swarovski crystal rhinestones, golden floral emblems and a large gold lion’s head.

Gladiator Ken also carries the ever important combat sword

Finally Ken dons his replica Gladiator helmet in gold bedecked with decorated featuring dual feathers at top.

Black hair is worn slicked back

Custom flocked brows, mustache and beard

Doll Formerly: “Speed Racer”

Roman Gladiator Ken

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