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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

From Serbia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, in Southeastern Europe comes this Balkan Ken in an authentic folkloric costume.

Wearing one of our most elaborate Ken costumes to date, Serbia Ken begins with a white long sleeve collared cotton shirt richly hand-embroidered with flowers down front and along cuffs.

White “buttons” have been hand-sewn down front

A black wool vest has been richly hand-embroidered in burgundy with patterns that match authentic costuming throughout front and back

Vest has also been adorned with hand-sewn beadwork

Sash belt in a colorful brocade with fringed edges

Pants in black cotton linen blend

Black knit knee socks have been richly embroidered along edge

Richly embroidered and hand beaded black wool jacket also features ribbing in black cotton linen blend.

Jacket has also been accented in hand-sewn beadwork.

A black wool sajkaca hat accompanies the costume.

Custom made authentic and intricate opanci shoes in faux leather feature hand-stitching throughout

Serbian Ken carries a white cotton napkin edged in tiny lace trim which he holds when he performs his traditional Serbian dance.

Flocked brows and stubble beard

Doll Formerly: “Speed Racer Ken”


Serbia Folk Ken

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