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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

South Dakota, famed for Badlands National Park, an area of dramatic landscapes boasting a goldmine of fossils is a Paleontologist's dream.  

Our Paleontologist South Dakota Ken wears a long sleeve Chambray shirt complete with buttons and collar - sleeves are permanently "rolled up."

Detailed cargo pants in khaki cotton feature pockets at front and sides.

Faux leather vest complete with adjustable tab at back also features multiple pockets throughout front.

White spandex tank top and socks.

Faux leather belt with buckle.

Hat, Bandana and Aviators.

A custom made canvas and faux leather bag features multiple compartments to hold accessories.

Custom made faux leather roll pack for equipment holds a multitude of tools in it's many compartments, complete with ties. 

Laptop computer, two way radio, compass, GPS, watch, switchblade, water bottle, canister, notebook with pencil, book are just some of his accessories.

Over 20 different tools for excavating and fossil hunting.

Lace up faux leather and suede boots.

Fossilized reptile stand and partial T-Rex skull.

Custom flocked brows, mustache and beard.

Eye Color: Light Brown
Doll Formerly: "Moschino Ken"

South Dakota Ken 2022/23

SKU: NPC2119
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