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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Opulent yet Stoic, NiniMomo’s Spanish Ken is dressed perfectly in a traditional Matador that begins with the quintessential bolero jacket in red jacquard.

Truly a decadent article of clothing, Ken’s bolero features matching jacquard epaulets which have been gorgeously hand-beaded with black tiny sequins and seed beads with white seed bead accents.

In addition, hand-sewn and hand-made minuscule black tassels anchored with silver metallic thread border both epaulets.

Front of Bolero has been meticulously and decadently hand-beaded in black sequins and black and white seed beads throughout entire front complete with accents of hand-made and hand-sewn custom tiny black tassels anchored throughout with hand-sewn silver metallic thread.

Sleeves as well have been gorgeously finished in hand-sewn beadwork to match.

Back of Bolero has also been decorated with same heavy hand-sewn beadwork and hand-made tassels.

Beneath is a traditional matador collared shirt complete with tiny hand-sewn buttons all in white.

A black satin tie finishes the look.

Matador pants in same red jacquard have been painstakingly covered in wide vertical panels with tiny, miniscule  black and white sequins and seed beads in a stunning and intricate pattern.

No matador is a pro without his cape and our Spanish Ken has his at hand in a matching red suedette which has been lined in red china silk.

Cape features an oversized collar has all has been bordered along edges in rich, hand-sewn beadwork to play off costume’s pattering – Check out how TINY the sequins are!

White stockings

Black lycra custom made matador slipper complete with hand-sewn embellishments in sequins, tassels and seed beads.

Ken’s matador hat has been made from a dense black faux fur.

Dark brown hair worn short complete with custom flocked sideburns and brows.

Doll Formerly: “Speed Racer”

Spain Matador Ken

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