In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

White collared shirt
Silk brocade long vest with “buttons”
Faux suede pants and wool crepe jacket
Distressed pleather tricorn with steampunk accents
Faux leather boots
Belts and harnessses and full streampunk accessories
Steampunk sword and gun
Arm contraptions
Custom flocked beards and brows
Eye Color: Brown
Doll Formerly: Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean


In addition to Facial Make-Over, Rooted Lashes, Lined Gown, and Pantyhose, this Delegate Features:

White lace edged blouse

Lace up silk brocade corset with grommets

Faux leather pants

Long pirate coat lined in silk suedette

Metallic tricorn with Steampunk accents

Belts and Harnesses and full Steampunk accents

Sword, Gun and Lantern

Choker and Steampunk Jewelry

Paisley satin bandana

Steampunk accented boots

Eye Color: Gold / Lip Color: Maroon

Doll Formerly:  Barbie Look City Chic

Steampunk Swashbuckler Duo