In addition to Facial Make-Over, Rooted Lashes, Lined Gown, this Delegate Features:

$3500 for Duo

Thai Fantasy Barbie wears a sheer mesh bodysuit which features triple tiered gold metallic angel wings edged in tiny nailheads.

Collar, chest and stomach pieces in gold metallic all decorated in charms, nailheads and Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Dramatic framing backdrop collarpiece in gold has been covered in rainbow metallic charms, nailheads and Swarovski crystal rhinestones on both sides.

Ruched and gathered silk metallic chiffon sarong skirt features double tiered angel wings on hips, both edged in gold nailheads.

Golden panel dangles front and center edged in genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones and decorated with Swarovski rhinestone elements and metallic charms.

Custom made dramatic Thai headdress in gold has been decorated with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones and metallic charms, 

Paper flowers adorns base of headdress on both sides.

Metal, glass and Swarovski crystal rhinestone bead jewelry.

Golden arm bands covered in Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Hands covered in tiny gold nailheads and Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Custom made Thai gold fingernails.

Shoes custom decorated.
Eye Color: Bronze / Lip Color: Peony
Doll formerly: "China Barbie Doll"


ALSO accompanying the Fantasy Duo:

Barbie size realistic resin Elephant and baby Elephant.

Mama Elephant has been covered in a custom made blanket decorated in gold trim and hand-sewn beadwork. 

Corners of blanket finished in tassels and hand-beaded fringe.

Decorative head piece in same blanket fabric decorated in hand-sewn beadwork and genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Headpiece has been edeged in hand-beaded mixed fringe in Swarovski crystals, mixed beads, tassels and gold filigree charms decorated in Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Ankles and tusks accented in golden trim which has been covered in golden filigree charms and genuine Swarovsk crystal rhinestones. 

A beaded necklace in sequins and beads is worn around neck. 

Baby elephant has been bedecked with both a matching blanket and headdres matching the Mama Elephant.

Finally two custom painted Thai "NINIMOMO" battery operated lanterns drape from the Mama elephant.

Thai Fantasy Duo Barbie