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In addition to Facial Painting, Flocking and Rooted Lashes, This Ken Features:

Straight from the Sistine Chapel comes our Galliano for Dior inspired Vatican Ken in his couture pope ensemble.

Papal Robe in 100% silk taffeta in white has been custom hand-painted in a filigree design of soft metallic gold.

Robe’s filigree has been enhanced with hand-sewn metallic gold seed beads and gold metallic nail heads.

Pearl cabochons have been scattered throughout filigree pattern

Custom hand-painted borders of robe have been accented with hand-sewn beadwork but has mainly been gorgeously enhanced with a pattern of Swarovski crystal rhinestones in many shades.

In addition, vintage avocado glass cabochons have been used throughout border.

Running along border is a continuous row of Swarovski crystal rhinestones in amethyst

A gold twisted metallic border edges the robe

Matching the robe is the Papal short cape complete with standing collar

Cape, like robe, has been custom-hand painted throughout, hand-beaded and accented to match robe.

Papal hat in same 100% silk white taffeta has been custom hand-painted, hand-beaded and bedecked with Swarovski crystal rhinestones, metallic nailheads, glass and pearl cabs.

Hat has been also edged in gold twisted piping.

A gold matte link chain features a bejeweled crucifix

White matte satin pants are worn beneath the robe accompanied by matching white lace up shoes.

Vatican Ken carries his custom created “incense burner” of gold filigree, glass and pearl on a long gold link chain

Custom dyed dark brown hair is worn slicked back

Custom flocked brows, mustache and goatee

Doll Formerly: “Hunger Games Peeta”

Vatican Ken

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