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In addition to Facial Make-Over and Rooted Lashes, the Woodstock Duo '69 Duo features:

Our Woodstock '69 Barbie begins with a psychedelic long sleeve tunic complete with fringe along hem. 

Fringe hem has been decorated with tiny flowers in lavender and pink.

Denim bell bottom jeans features frayed hems and patches accented in nailheads.

A short faux leather vest which ties at center has been decorated with large colorful daisies.

Floral headband and shades.

Her essential Boho bag in denim and faux suede fringe features a faux leather strap and flap.

Square charm "button" closure (Bag features a snap closure.)

Bag has been custom painted with doodles.

Multiple necklaces and bracelets including an inverted rhinestone peace pendant.

Hoop earrings and multiple rings.

Cigarette and her favorite tambourine which has been decorated with nailheads.

Specialty cork heels.

Specialty flower power facial painting.

Eye Color: Green / Lip Color: Natural

Doll Formerly: "Barbie Looks Dolls 11"


Woodstock '69 Ken Features:

Ken is Hippie ready with his striped bell bottoms complete with pockets and belt loops.

Faux leather belt complete with buckle.

Tank top worn beneath his sleeveless denim shirt which features tiny buttons and collar.

He also dons a faux leather fringed vest decorated in nailhead stars and faux turquoise stones.

Black Minnetonka hat accented with marabou feathers.

Floral headband and shades.

Multiple necklaces, bracelets and rings.


Custom flocked beard, mustache and brows.

Eye Color: Blue

Doll Formerly: "Johnny Depp PoTC"


How did they get to Woodstock and why aren't they filthy?

The answer is because they have their very own VW Hippie Mini bus - Or at least 1/3 of it!

This custom created for NiniMomo VW bus was taken on as a challenge by SCG and it quite the task and we couldn't be more thankful.

Bus features a removeable top, wheels, windshield wipers, bumper, and side mirrors.

Bus has been custom painted in the Hippie styling of the time with some personal nods to NiniMomo and 1959, the year Barbie was born. 

Accessories included: NiniMomo Pillows, Camera, Chess set with pieces, Picnic case with plate, knife, fork, spoon and an egg, 2 oranges and an orange slice, bongo drum, cigarette, two bottles Coca-Cola, Book, Blanket and faux grass.

Woodstock '69 Duo

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